The MARKETING 4 P’s and the TRUCK 4 C’s ! New approaching concept !?

The 4P’s of Marketing and 4C’s of Truck !

Eustaquio Sirolli

Theories and experiences give structures to acquired knowledge, observed and experienced. So, I understand, was structured the marketing mix, also known by the 4P’s of Marketing. So for a fruitful management product in your target market, some care has to be observed, whether with:

PRODUCT – The first of the 4P’s, and I believe the most important, without it the other P’s would not be justified. We have to have at hand a competitive, attractive, functional, innovative product or at least the level of competitors in the target market, ie well perceived and accepted, if it is not, the results will be disappointing and a failure is announced.

PRICE – That is, the product must be properly positioned to extract the best possible result, it is not the cheapest nor the most expensive. It is the price that the market is predisposed to pay for the product – or service – it is a fair price. If the brand is a perception of a market reference in that market segment, its price usually is what has a value above their competitors and benefits from a Price-Premium!

Here is where the only source of income of the business, where financial and economic success of the company may or may not be secured, the other P’s only generate costs or fees.

PLACE – bviously, the product has to be right places at the right time, with volumes that meet local need and cost competitive in its transportation logistics and storage, to delivery to the final customer left at, or. And all this activity has to ensure profit in the sale, but the result begins to be eroded. An efficient distribution system can become a competitive advantage.

PROMOTION – is how the product will be communicated in an integrated and comprehensive manner, through advertising, direct mail, exhibitions, promotional events, feirões display at point of sale, social media, internet, websites, etc.. Will be how consumers will be attracted to the product, and this attraction results in a sale with the result, of course!

I believe that the above theme provides a structured and simplified view of the complexity of getting a “son” in the market. The four Ps must be observed continuously, to manage the product in its lifecycle, and extract from it the best results, create or consolidate the image, reputation and prestige of the brand.

Now, after working many years with trucks, had the insight to structure the “4C’s TRUCK”, aiming to rationalize the attractiveness and competitiveness of the vehicle in its segment.And that goes primarily to the segment of road heavy trucks, long distance. Basically, they believe, the 4C’s, may be valid for all means of motor transport, but the rational at the moment, will for heavy trucks. Then the first of the C’s would be:

CONSUMPTION – The lower consumption, more competitive and attractive will be the product. This is based on the fact that the fuel consumption is the company’s cash, being consumed continuously and inevitably. And as we will see later, the impact on cost per mile, only fuel represents over 50% of the total cost. Ie a 2% advantage in consumption is 1% less the cost of running.

COMFORT – anyone have any doubt that comfort is not critical in a highway truck, long distance? Neglect or fail to give importance to this requirement will result in market drivers and “satisfied” with the truck, which will treat the vehicle as best as possible and will recommend it to the boss and his friends, road course this is pure sarcasm. Renege on this factor than on price, is to sign a declaration of war with the drivers, which do not recommend.

 “CONFIABILITY” >>>>RELIABILITY – Nobody wants to get out of town and do not have the security to return to the starting point on the due date, no mechanical problems, safely, without being stressed and tense insecurity that the vehicle could offer. Normally synthesize all in QUALITY, which do not agree, because I think the quality is like character, everyone has to have it, is the ticket to enter the “game.”The reliability sublimates the quality, ie, the entrepreneur, the driver, the mechanic, the electrician, the transportation system, the environment, the customer load, all – stakeholders – must have the unequivocal assurance that the product exceeds the their qualities.summary, reliabl

“COST OF OPERATION” – TCO : Anyway, everything will be summarized in the financial and economic results of the company transport or logistics operator. None of them will purchase a product, which in its life cycle, the acquisition cost, the use, the resale value is not what better present and ensure its healthy cash flow. Especially these days, where a minimal difference, in most cases, the decimal benefits per mile, can be the success or failure of the company.Here I return to the “C-consumption,” he alone account for almost half the cost per mileage round, that’s the reason to be the first “C” to be considered when purchasing the product, the others are examined individually. In general, the vehicle that presents the lowest consumption will have a great chance to provide the lowest cost operating, because other factors such as tires, parts costs, costs of the review, the cost of the oils listed, purchase price, resale, among many other variables, will make the total cost of operating effectively.

I tried to portray an experience of longstanding in the commercial vehicle sector, not meant to be owner of the truth, exposing only one point of view, in a structured way, and to share insights and observations witnessed situations. Many times I was an eyewitness of tough negotiations in this market segment – heavy trucks – that is increasingly competitive. Someone already said he does not buy a product for what it costs, but by its value.

Eustaquio Sirolli, Production Engineer Mechanical and Automotive. He worked for over 38 years in the automotive industry, traditional multinational. Postgraduate in Marketing and Project Management, and MBA in Business Management Automotive.

Review Taco, author of the article: I have always been very critical of the integration of theory and practice, this is one of the reasons that led me to convey theories to the real world and vice versa. I really like the 4P’s of Marketing, and based on them made a parallel to the world of trucks proposing the 4C’s of the truck, to facilitate the insertion of analytical product on the market and its key points to be highlighted, based on personal experiences. I hope you enjoyed it !


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