CHINA USED CARS ! Usually the used car market is 4 times bigger than the New cars !

Taco comments: can you imagine how big wll be the used cars market in China ?
If New car market in China achieves 20 million than the used can hit 80 million!!
Article source: China Car Times.

China’s Second Hand Market is Growing – Fast!

This article from AP China’s fantastic Kelvin Chan pulls back the covers on China’s growing second hand market. Only a few years ago the prospect of buying a second hand vehicle in China was unthinkable – why would you sink so much money into someones old second hand shoes seemed to the mantra of the day, but that is changing rapidly as consumer ideas towards vehicles changes. Make sure you read the rest ASAP.

As car enthusiasts converge on the annual Guangzhou auto show, few have anything except a shiny new set of wheels in mind. But explosive growth that transformed China into the world’s largest auto market is also giving life to a new industry here: used cars. Chinese started buying new cars in huge numbers about four years ago, about the average length of time analysts say drivers will stick with a vehicle before trading it in for a fresh model. The secondhand market is already taking off, with sales growth last year outpacing that for new vehicles. By volume it is still dwarfed by new cars, which outsold used vehicles three to one. In countries such as the U.S., that ratio is reversed, highlighting the secondhand market’s vast potential to make car ownership affordable for millions more Chinese. The challenge in China is to develop a modern market for secondhand autos. The business is dominated by thousands of small trading companies that operate out of big trading halls or open air markets on city outskirts. Vehicles are sold tax free and ownership can be transferred in a day, but quality and fair pricing can be uncertain. By some estimates, four in five used car transactions take place at these markets. For foreign automakers, “the used car business in China is very different to anything that you would recognize in the Western world,” said Marin Burela, president of Changan Ford, the U.S. company’s China joint venture. Global automakers have been slow to add used car sales at dealerships, but are now racing to expand into the business, which will diversify their revenue and help build brand loyalty.


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