10 Millionth Volkswagen is Produced at Shanghai Volkswagen

Volkswagen announced yesterday that the company has produced its 10 millionth vehicle in the Chinese market over its 30 year history, with Skoda contributing 1 million vehicles to that figure.

The ten millionth vehicle to be produced was a Tiguan SUV that rolled down lines on friday afternoon giving VW much cause to celebrate, at the same time Skoda was celebrating its rapid growth in China with the company producing 1 million vehicles within China since its introduction to the country in 2007.

Volkswagen produced its first vehicle in Shanghai in April 1983 and selling 4.2 million of the model (accounting for just under half of VW’s total production in China to date!) which led to Volkswagen giving China its wheels and racing ahead in the auto industry. In 1996, Volkswagen opened an R&D center in Shanghai along with a proving ground to further development vehicles for the Chinese market, the first foreign auto company to do so.

“This honour represents the enthusiasm with which millions of Chinese customers have received Volkswagen Group’s products and services over 30 years of partnership in China,” said Prof. Dr .Heizmann. “Volkswagen and SAIC Motor joined together to establish Shanghai-Volkswagen almost three decades ago and began a remarkable journey of partnership that has pioneered China’s auto industry . Together, our investments in localization, R&D, and the education of Chinese auto talents have driven forward the sustainable development of China’s auto industry.

Taco’s comments:  this is a great achievement from VW. I remember now a conversation with my former company colleague, that came from VW to work at Mercedes, that chat was something around 80’s years, and he informed me that VW recentely built up that plant in China. And today 10 million vehicles are the results of that action !!!


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