FOTON HEAVY-Truck , going to India, getting closer to BRAZIL !


Foton planning to take on the Indian market

To the outside eye, the Indian auto market looks like a sweet low hanging peach – a market that could potentially be the same size as the Chinese market in the next five to ten years and has the same needs as the Chinese market, albeit with the steering wheel on the other side of the dashboard, so it will be no shock to hear that commercial vehicle manufacturers from China are planning to fuel the Indian market with cheap vehicles.

Beijing’s Foton, a commercial vehicles mega giant, are planning to invest over 2.47 billion RMB into the Indian market with the construction of a new factory in the state of Maharashtra. The new factory plant will be online by 2013 and will be capable of producing 96,000 phase in its first phase and will later increase to 120,000 CV’s in the second phase.

A 24% tax is levied on all imported commercial vehicles by the Indian government, so by localizing its production in India Foton will be able to bring its prices down and drive its market share up, the current dominent player in the CV sector is of course the domestic powerhouse, Tata, which has taken 70% of the market.

Comments: obviously the company Foton will arrive here in BRAZIL, just a matter of time !

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